Outlandish /Room/


Outlandish /Room/ is a book who presents a number of selected photos taken by Marc Kiska during the last 10 years, including his serie Alt for Norge. A 7 pages preface, written by Lulu, guides the viewer masterfully trough the world and artistic vision of the artist.


You can find on this page a sample of the book.




"The dark and somewhat loaded atmospheres of Kiska´s photographic work allure to the themes of gloom and the sad weight an adolescent is forced to carry when not being accepted; when forced to suffer in silent solitude, under the shadow and tyranny of the normal and self-righteous. This obscurity of some of Kiska´s work can be burdensome. All the same, the images have some sweetness to them, a melancholy and nostalgia in contrast to depression and regret. The photography of the young artist tries to depict a space of resilience that lingers in a youngster’s capacity for dreaming, finding comfort and meaning in his curiosity and wonder, so easily lost and ridiculed on the threshold of adulthood."


Lulu, mai 2010

Close Encounter
Hybrid II

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