Outlandish /Room/


OUTLANDISH /ROOM/ is an artbook who presents a number of selected photos taken by Marc Kiska during the decade 2004-2014. A 7 pages preface, written by Lulu, guides the viewer masterfully trough the world and artistic vision of the artist.


"A young boy once told me vividly about how the other boys bullied him on the school bus, spitting and ridiculing him to show how disgusted they were by his frail, feminine appearance. They would throw pebbles at him in the schoolyard because he was weird and undoubtedly a dirty queen. He had looked at me and paused for a moment, looking very serious, but not at all sad or in a victim’s affect; tormented or traumatised. All of a sudden a passionate, enthusiastic smile struck his face. He was sparkling the way only an excited child or someone close to madness can. His entire being began to pulsate as he started explaining this idea he’d got, some sort of artistic-existential experiment I thought, that he’d been conducting the last few days. He had filled his pillowcase with little rocks, trying to make his head rest on it during the night. He wanted to see what difference it would make in the quality of his dreams, from sleeping on a pillow stuffed with light, white feathers. My impression was that, to the boy, these two stories had no conscious connection at all, but they were both deadly serious. It seemed as if he somehow was simultaneously reinterpreting his suffering, self-understanding and the very borders of reality itself. He was living in a kind of a laboratory where he was scrutinizing and testing the world’s fundamental criteria of truth; the validity and reliability of what is taught about life’s apparent facts. I imagine that he has an innate drive to rebel against life delivered as a package deal from Ikea, resisting adulthood’s way of calibrating our experience into more systematic thinking and feeling, making some essential innocence diminish. In the face of Marc Kiska’s photography, I immediately think of this young boy and his story, which I find as much upsetting as it gives me an somewhat outlandish and even optimistic feeling of the ”bizarre”. "



Lulu, mai 2014




ISBN: 978-82-999664-1-2

108 pages

20 cm - 25 cm

7,8 - 9,8 inch

Premium Paper, matte finish


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Hybrid II

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